We provide a carry-in repair service for all products we manufacture. Our products have a one-year warranty (excluding cover for lightning, flooding and similar circumstances).


Our support service for our products ranges from telephonic assistance to on-site support through a customised SLA. We also provide installation services for our resellers. All support services are available on a national basis.


We take pride in the design services we provide for clients who require a customised telephony solution that utilises our particular engineering and technical expertise.



Our resellers have the flexibility to either finance solutions and products or offer our rental options.


For more than 21 years our engineering team has been designing and developing our own telephony products. We also work closely with our resellers and their customers to help develop new products to meet their needs.


We deliver products throughout Africa and keep stock of most of our fast-moving lines. Although we focus on this continent, we do deliver products to other parts of the world as well.