What is cloud based Wi-Fi

Cloud managed networking introduces an affordable, effortless approach for network deployments with high security and scalability to provide completely control over devices and users. When an organization grows from small sites to massive, distributed networks, cloud- based self-provisioning enables easy, quick and plug- n-play deployment to multiple locations without IT professionals.

Meet Nebula

The Nebula cloud networking and management solution offers everything you need to build a network as well as to operate and manage devices, users and networks across multiple locations and

buildings. all under a single interface.The intuitive management interface provides full network visibility with real-time alerts to keep you in total control of the entire network.

Product Features

Ease of remote management

Zero-touch deployments

No hardware controller limitations

Pay as you grow

Product Benefits

Internet connectivity has become a must to everyone in offices, schools, hospitals, hotels and retail stores. The first question that comes up for organizations expanding the geographic coverage of their business is how to provide Internet services quickly, effortlessly and economically with next- generation security protection; then the second is how to manage multi-site networks containing hundreds of networking devices with only limited IT resources and budgets.

Why buy Nebula ?


Zero-touch hardware provisioning Zero-touch hardware provisioning

for rapid deployment. The Nebula wired and wireless products can perform auto-configuration after installation and can be deployed even by non-IT professionals.


Nebula mobile application

with a build-in QR code scanner that quickly claims a large number of devices to the Nebula control center all at once.


Centralized remote management

that manages and monitors hundreds of distributed branch sites with a single pane of glass.


Comprehensive product portfolio

from wired, wireless to security, which are built from the ground up for cloud management.


Real-time and historical activity views

with 24x7 monitoring over as long as the past 6 months and thousands of dispersed networks, devices and users.


Over-the-web updates

that enables firmware and security signature updates to be delivered seamlessly over the cloud.


Multi-tenant role-based administration

for supervisors of different organizations to assign different privileges for multiple administrators to manage networks and guest access.


Standard-based, limitless and flexible scalability

provides the reliable, elegant and efficient benefits of non-proprietary secure network control. The amount of hardware that Nebula can handle is basically unlimited, so networks can grow and change to suit your needs.


Credit-based and affordable licensing model

allows you to optimize IT budgets according to your business dynamics.


Enterprise-grade security

with authentication and encryption, management data/connection loss prevention, firewall implementation and privacy protection is included to protect your Nebula networks.

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